Residential and Commercial Concrete Raising

Residential and Commercial Concrete RaisingWe have been mudjacking for 15 years and we have plenty of satisfied residential and commercial customers throughout the areas we serve: the Wayne County Suburbs, and Oakland, Livingston, Macomb, and Monroe Counties. At Accurate Concrete Raising Specialists, we have a top-notch, experienced crew. They will show up to work on time, complete the job in the time planned, and clean up when they are done. Their work is guaranteed, and the job isn’t finished until you are happy. Read the Accurate Concrete Raising guarantee.

Economically Maintaining Your Concrete With Mudjacking

There are as many applications as there are places covered by concrete. Sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, garage floors, curbs and gutters, parking lots and roads can be economically maintained with mudjacking.

When water mains break and wash out the subbase below streets, voids can easily be filled with professional mudjacking equipment. We use the very best mudjacking equipment and technology, while adhering to nationally recognized methods, procedures, and best practices.

We Offer a Great Price on Residential and Commercial Concrete Raising

Call now for a free estimate on your concrete raising. We’ll offer you a great price to get your sidewalks and driveways looking good, and make sure they are safe as well. 734-626-8669 or 734-373-3983

We do not repair cracked, broken, or spiderwebbed concrete.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Raising